Primary Tradelines

Primary Tradelines

The Benefits of Primary Tradelines

Primary tradelines should be your major goal if you want to build and have a good credit line and history. One great way to achieve this strong credit option is with the use of piggybacks. Of course, there is a difference between using a piggyback and purchasing a primary account. A primary account is a credit line issued by any creditor to the borrower. Assuming the creditor does not issue you credit, then getting a primary account may require you to do some imaginable and illegal things. You may even get advertised by brands that seem to be legal.

A primary tradeline is an account stated on a credit file that is only entitled to the main account holder. This requires you to include examples of primary tradelines like credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, or anything under your name. These primary tradelines are easy to open like credit cards through banks but there are many other benefits you can enjoy from using them.

#1. Boosts Your Credit Score

Without a doubt, you can easily improve your credit score by many points by just buying good credit and primary accounts. Many businesses have been practicing it, especially since it is legal.Note that without a good credit score, you will have limited access to the wonderful services that your credit card, mortgage, and loan plan have to offer. You may also end up spending more on unnecessary things. 

#2. Gives You Access to Other Accounts

When you purchase an authorized primary tradeline from a personal tradeline, you automatically are an authorized user to one of their accounts for credit cards. This may require you to wait for 26-30 days to execute, as it affects your credit score too.

#3. Helps You Secure A House

Purchasing a primary tradeline such as a credit line has many benefits that a mortgage doesn’t offer.

  • As you continuously use your credit line to pay your dues, you still have access to the full limit.  This is because, unlike home loans, your credit is reusable.
  • The schedule allocated for payment with your credit is more flexible. So, you can always pay before time without a penalty fee attached.
  • Although, you may encounter a  charge fee if you pay more than the stipulated loan amount.
  • It may be best you deduct the interest cost incurred from your taxes if you choose to invest from your home credit line.

How Does Primary Tradelines Work?

Your credit score is a three-digit number that determines your creditworthiness. It can be calculated using every information you can get from your credit file. If you always pay your dues on time, you’ve been obeying the credit rules, and keeping your balances low, then you will always have a good credit score for the efforts you put in. Your tradelines will also contain the great and positive information you need. To get your credit score to work efficiently, you must have a credit report with at least one tradeline that’s active in the past five to six months.


Most people that purchase a tradeline are people who have low credit scores. A low credit score can be a result of not making payments on time or getting involved in several primary tradelines. It is very important to know the few benefits you can obtain from buying one, as it may not always be beneficial. If you’re in need of credit repair contact My Credit Jump.

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