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Pay For Results Credit Repair
$ 15
per deletion, per bureau
  • One Time Credit Audit Fee - $199.99 (Billed after completion which is usually within 48 hrs)
  • Account Set Up
  • Free Credit Reports
  • Free Score Tracker
  • Free Score Builder™
  • Free Score Master®
  • Free Money Manager
  • Dispute Strategy and Credit Analysis
  • ALL Accounts Disputed At Once
  • Portal Access To Check Your Progress 24/7
  • Billed For Deletions Every 30 Days (Invoice)
  • You Pay After Results

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If we don’t remove any negative items within 90 days you may qualify for a full refund

All of our packages come with FREE Personal Credit Consultation, FREE Inquiries Deletion, FREE Credit Reports and FREE Name and Address Corrections.



Big thank you to Lowell. I was referred by another customer . It’s the truth, He’s the truth. The man is good at what he do. Reach out and take the time to get yourself right . I know I did can only go up from here. Thank you again
Timmy Campbell
Reliable gets the job done highly recommend
Ian Gordon
They have increased my credit score and also got some wrongful information off my credit..very happy with my decision on choosing them
Tatiana Gabrielle Barrett
Great company with a small life changing investment! raised my credit score by 100points I recommend them to anyone that needs credit building or just need some deletions... Thank You I appreciate the help!
Tyrone Purcell
I was referred by a friend and I’m so glad! Really gets the job done and at a reasonable cost. I saw a change in my credit score in a matter of a couple weeks. Really is helping me keep on the track to building and maintaining my credit score. Also he is also there for any questions and advice you may have. Highly recommend!
Ashlee Cam
Best place ive known yet great people and amazing prices. Awesome growing company would go with no one else. Defiantly recommend.
Michael Polanco

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Your audit includes personalized advice geared toward your credit situation. If we feel you need additional lines of credit or better lines of credit, we will include sources of credit lines that will benefit you in my recommendations, and we’ll be sure to explain your options thoroughly

Your credit scores are based on 5 factors including payment history, amounts owed, length of credit, new credit, and types of credit. Each one of our clients results are different.

We are located in Orlando, Florida however we service several other cities and states as well. So contact us to see if we service your area.

The credit audit provides an overview of your credit as potential lenders see it today. It lists the items that are negatively affecting your credit scores and explains their impact on your credit file. It also includes a simple step-by-step plan for you to speed up the process.The fee $199.99 is due after completion. (Usually completed within 48 hrs) The audit is required*

You can start seeing results in your credit in as little as 30 to 45 days, but most clients graduate our services in only 3 to 6 months.

We are unable to tell you exactly how long it will take. This is because credit scores are based on 5 factors including payment history, amounts owed, length of credit, new credit, and types of credit. Most importantly, YOU play a huge role in your success during the program.

Yes, our company is licensed & bonded in Florida and several other states.

We charge $15 per deletion, per credit bureau. You are billed every 30 days from the time you sign up for any deletions that occur. The max you will pay for a deletion is $45 since there are (3) credit bureaus in total, this is because the same account may be reporting across all three bureaus and deleted , which would be counted as three deletions,$15 x 3 =$45. Detailed information is available on the pricing page.

Yes ! Our company is listed with the Credit Consultants Association.

Are you looking to buy a home?

We're actually partnered with a great company that helps people get approved for Home Loans whom had previous credit issues. Once you complete our program you are connected with them to start the loan process.
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