Importance of Great Credit

We offer monthly credit repair and not that expensive pay per deletion credit repair where they make you pay for each item individually, we only charge one rate once a month and all of your deletions are included.

How pay per deletion credit repair companies work: They charge you a large set up fee and then charge you statistically $50 bucks per deletion for each bureau that would could cost you $150 just for one deletion ! Please do yourself a favor and check out our low- cost monthly credit repair service.

LTJ Services

Monthly Credit Repair Reports: $21.99 Monthly

We begin our credit repair analysis immediately after all necessary documents are signed.We will give you details about a credible credit report provider, from which you can obtain your credit reports. The credit analysis begins once we receive your report.

Details of services

The Credit Analysis contains the following services:

  1. The basic understanding of credit restoration

2.Full credit analysis of your entire credit report.

3.Steps you can take to rebuild your credit.

4.Recommend products for rebuilding your credit.

5.Phone interview regarding the credit analysis.

Cost of  the Credit Credit Repair Analysis: $150 ( Due 5 days after signing up)


$75  Monthly Credit Repair & Restoration

What we do:

1.Prepare your monthly dispute rounds for the credit bureaus.

2.Prepare your monthly dispute rounds for the creditors, if needed.

3.Prepare your monthly dispute rounds for the collectors, if needed.

4.Review updated credit reports through your credit monitoring account.

5.Review all updated documents sent to our company.

6.File complaints on your behalf to regulatory agencies if needed.

7.Educate you on the credit score improvement process by email.

8.Educate you on the credit restoration process by email.

8.Educate you on the credit restoration process by email.

9.Keep your client tracking portal updated with your credit improvement process.

10.Keep you updated by phone, if need be, regarding your progress.

Total cost per month : $96.96 ( What you will pay in total every month)


How We Improve Your Credit Scores


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