Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair

Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair

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The Old Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair

Our Pay per deletion credit repair is nothing like the common old school way. For instance if your credit report reveals that you’re overdue on an account (probaby after it’s been sent out to collections or “crossed out”).You then execute an arrangement with whoever now holds your financial obligation (usually a debt collector), where you pay some or all of the financial obligation, and they consent to erase the account from your credit report, or to erase any unfavorable information about the account from your credit reports.

Our Pay Per Delete Credit Repair Explained

Our pay for deletion credit repair can be described as a contract with a pay for delete credit repair company, that first determines unfavorable accounts/items on your credit report, then we submit a dispute on the item(s) and after that if the item(s) vanishes from your credit report, you then owe us your hard earned cash which can be paid directly online. An invoice will be sent via email, we never automatically take money from your bank account, there’s no monthly fees either unlike most companies.My Credit Jump only charges you for each unfavorable item that we get eliminated from your credit reports, this system is known as “pay after results credit repair billing and it’s only $5 per item that’s been deleted from your credit reports. Our credit repair company will review your credit reports from each of the 3 credit reporting companies every month to analyze them for any deletions of negative accounts. Once again, if any deletions have occurred throughout that time period you would then be billed by email via invoice ,where you can easily make your payment online with a credit/debit card.We never take money from your account, there are no automatic payments, no monthly recurring credit repair fees or any membership fees, you pay strictly for deletions.

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Our program enables you to pay per deletion, if we do not remove any negative accounts from your credit reports you do not owe us a dime.The great thing about our program is that you only pay $5 per deletion for any account that we successfully remove from your credit reports."YOU ONLY PAY IF WE GET RESULTS"

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