Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair

pay per deletion credit repair

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Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair

Pay per deletion credit repair only $5 -$15 per deletion. From bankruptcies, to charge-offs, collections, to tax liens, we have challenged virtually every credit problem, doing work for our clients that resulted in tons of items removed from their credit reports last year alone. Our great amount of experience in the pay for delete credit repair field has helped many clients to turn their lives around. We offer hassle free credit repair consultation as well.Our company works by improving your bad credit using professional tactics at a low-cost. When many individuals utilize the term “credit repair, ” they’re referring to the procedure of disputing mistakes on credit reports . You can go through the challenging procedure for free by disputing your negative items with each of the credit bureaus on your own. Many individuals do not have the time to do their own credit repair work, doesn’t understand how credit repair services work or what does credit repair do. Many credit repair companies can assist with something you might not be able to achieve yourself, here’s a great example of. It can appear on your credit report numerous times if you have a collection account that’s been offered to a couple of various financial obligation collectors. They continue to resell the account and it keeps a negative item reporting on your credit file which is hurting your overall credit.

How Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair Is Done!

Our pay for deletion credit repair can be described as a contract with a pay for delete credit repair company, that first determines unfavorable accounts/items on your credit report, then we submit a dispute on the item(s) and after that if the item(s) vanishes from your credit report, you then owe us your hard earned cash which can be paid directly online. An invoice will be sent via email, we never automatically take money from your bank account, there’s no monthly fees either unlike most companies. My Credit Jump only charges you for each unfavorable item that we get eliminated from your credit reports, this system is known as “pay per delete credit repair billing” and it’s only $5-$15 per item that’s been deleted from your credit reports. Our credit repair company will review your credit reports from each of the 3 credit reporting companies every month to analyze them for any deletions of negative accounts. Once again, if any deletions have occurred throughout that time period you would then be billed by email via invoice ,where you can easily make your payment online with a credit/debit card. We never take money from your account, there are no automatic payments, no monthly recurring credit repair fees, no credit report fees or any membership fees, you pay strictly for deletions. We may just have the lowest pricing in the credit repair market. Contact us today to speak with one of our credit deletion experts, so you can learn more about us and our services.

Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair Pricing Chart

Public Records


We charge $15 per deletion per credit bureau, for each public record we get removed. This includes: Tax Liens, Judgments and Child Support.

Personal Information


We dispute your personal information for free. This includes: incorrect addresses, names, employers etc.

Late Payments


Our company deletes late payments at no charge.



Our company charges you $5 for each inquiry that we get removed .



Our company charges you for each collection that we get removed .

Charge Offs


Our company charges you for each charge off that we get removed .



Our company charges you for each repossessed vehicle that we get removed .



Our company charges you for each BK that we get removed .

Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair Success Story

Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair Results

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My Credit Jump
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Coby Lyons
Coby Lyons
21:15 13 Jan 21
If you're looking for credit repair in the Orlando area i suggest you check out MY Credit Jump!
Tiffany Brantley
Tiffany Brantley
21:14 13 Jan 21
best credit repair in orlando no doubt about it!
Thanh Ngo
Thanh Ngo
21:59 31 Dec 20
My credit was 470 before i met Lowell. He was helping me raise it up within 1 year of the process and now my credit is... 640 and i just able to purchase a house 2 months ago. He is very professional and guided me through the process and told me to be patient on getting my credit upread more
April Allen
April Allen
18:23 17 May 20
So Far so good !!! The company had manage to take credit inquiries off and 1 account off with 2 major credit bureaus so... far ...I started April 15 and on May 15 he prompted me with my results. Very convenient and they work with you on the start up fee .I told him my vision of buying a house in July and he went to work .Waiting to see what the next round does more
Gricelda Mendez
Gricelda Mendez
16:19 26 Apr 20
It’s worth the money and time to use this services. They helped me remove negative accounts in my credit report and... helped me jump my credit score. Thank you for helping me rebuild my more
Fawn Brown
Fawn Brown
14:41 20 Feb 20
Lowell has been absolutely amazing during this process! He responds immediately whenever I have questions or concerns.... When I first started this process I was not expecting my credit score to shoot up as much and as fast as it did! He’s great at what he does! I’ve even referred family members as well! I highly recommend!read more
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