LTJ wants to make sure that your credit scores and credit reports are within your reach.

By law, information reported about yourself to the major credit bureaus must be the following, fair, accurate, relevant, substantiated and verifiable. With our elite 3-step process, we help to make sure your creditors aren't abusing you and your rights. The video sums up our process in a visual aspect.Please be sure to check out our customer reviews at the bottom of this page.

How does it work?

"This is the breakdown in writing"

(same concept as the video )




When you sign up, we pull your credit reports right away. We put it together in a way that helps you recognize items that you would like to challenge or change. This then helps us learn exactly where to put our energy— and how to build a game plan to fit your personal goals as well as needs.



This is where it is very important to have professionals on your side. We work closely with the credit companies and help them to achieve their obligations as applicable to your personal situation and game plan. After that, we communicate with the credit bureaus to confirm that the correct changes have actually processed. We know the credit industry very well and we know how to use the rules to protect comsumers.



We make it easy for you to stay connected to your progress 24/7 as you reach your goals with great assistance tools, including:An personalized online dashboard ,Score tracker + analysis ,Text and email notifications and Credit Monitoring.

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