Is 549 a bad credit score?

Is 549 a bad credit score?

Questions & Answers

Q: Does Pay for Deletion really work?

A: Yes, Pay for Deletion is an extremely effective tool in removing credit challenges from your report frequently.

Q: How much does Pay for Deletion cost?

A: Pay for Deletion is a results based credit service, after becoming a member for $75.00, submit a derogatory items list to LTJ Credit Boost, and pay only $25.00 per correction or deletion, per bureau, and only after the correction or deletion has been made! We think “talk is cheap” and at LTJ Credit Boost results are too!

Q: Why Pay for Deletion Program?

A: As a results based credit service company, LTJ Credit Boost puts you our valued client first. Unlike most credit service companies, our simple yet unique performance based model gives LTJ Credit Boost the incentive to correct negative issues in the shortest time possible! No expensive set up fees, expensive consulting fees or long drawn out monthly fees….. How refreshing! As a valued LTJ Credit Boost client if we can’t correct or delete it, you don’t pay for it! Plain and Simple!

Q: How do I get started?

A: Easy….. Go to our “Pricing” page now, and follow the instructions. Easy step by step instructions.

Q: How do I track the process?

A: You will receive a web link allowing you 24/7 access to track the progress of your account.

Q: What is the Pay for Deletion Program guarantee?

A: As a Cheap Delete member you only pay for items corrected or deleted. If we can’t correct or delete an item, you don’t pay for it!

Q: Do you share my personal information?

A: LTJ Credit Boost will never share your personal information with non affiliated companies.  LTJ Credit Boost  may at times share your information with credit service affiliates for the purpose of assisting in the removal of derogatory information from your credit report!

Q: How long does it take to raise my score?

A: Every case varies however, most LTJ Credit Boost clients start to see corrections or deletions within 45 days or less which generally translates into an improved credit score.

Q: Can I repair my own credit?

A: Anyone can repair their own credit, just like anyone can represent themselves in court. The question becomes….. why would you when you can hire LTJ Credit Boost, a professional company with proven experience and know how in getting results at an affordable price? It just doesn’t make sense not to use LTJ Credit Boost.

Q: What items can be removed?

A: Our clients often choose to dispute items they feel are inaccurate, incomplete, biased or unverifiable.  · Bankruptcies · Foreclosures · Repossessions · Judgments · Tax Liens · Collections · Charge-offs · Medical Bills · Late payments · Student Loans · Old Addresses · Inquiries

Q: Where can I get a copy of my credit report?

A: For your convenience, we have provided a link to LTJ Credit Boost preferred credit monitoring services in an email.

Q: What are my responsibilities? ‘

A: Once your account has been set up, LTJ Credit Boost  asks that you provide us with any updates from creditors, collection companies or credit bureaus in a timely manner….. We do the rest!

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