CreditFixGuy review


CreditFixGuy Review

CreditFixGuy is a new credit repair service brand, started in January of this year with its headquarters situated in Chicago, IL. The business boasts of earning a great name for themselves constantly by providing free monthly service, books, and creating a warm and friendly environment of support, love, and community. It’s a legitimate company with over 5 years of experience providing outstanding service to their members. I decided to use their services to see what I thought.I signed up for both the free monthly service and the special “monthly deal” they offer during the first month of service. I was excited to receive my first copy of the CreditFixGuy Toolkit. This software package includes: three reports, one of the most effective money management strategies, a free video, email course, downloadable worksheets, and coupons redeemable at their office or online. These products are not available at the in-store, but the customer service representatives at the in-store also provided me with great valuable information and promo codes that I could use with the coupons.

My goal was to find out which of these different techniques I could apply to my overall finances in order to improve my credit score. I went through each of the three credit reports and found the most helpful information on each subject. The most helpful information detailed the debt management techniques they recommended to help me with improving my scores. This information provided details of how to apply the “credit fix” tactics and to receive the most savings. The most interesting thing I found was the promo codes and how I could earn these discounts. I had a total of ten in-store promo codes that I could apply, which resulted in me saving fifteen dollars in my first month. The next month I was able to save an additional fifty dollars because I did not have to use my original ten savings to pay for my shipping. I still ended up saving over fifteen dollars per month.

Benefits of CreditFixGuy

The Credit Fix Guy has some very unique coupon codes that give me discounts on everything from groceries to clothes to movie tickets. What’s more, they have a deposit bonus where you will receive two hundred dollars back if you pay off your entire balance by the end of the trial period. This promotion is only available to people with a checking account and is good for two months at a time. On top of getting my deposit money back, I also get to enjoy two extra months of free access to their services. This means that I am never going to have to pay them any kind of fees ever again. This is definitely a solid deal and I recommend this company to anyone who is interested in finding the best coupon codes. Overall, I like this new company because they are very user friendly and I was able to quickly find a way to save myself some money while also improving my credit score. In fact, after I got my first deposit I started to notice a significant improvement in my credit score. I was able to reduce my interest rate, which lowered my overall debt, and get some perks at the same time. I definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a way to improve their credit rating.

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