LTJ is a credit repair Tallahassee Florida business that offers credit remediation services to repair bad credit .The consumers in the state of Florida are very lucky . We provide credit repair and suggestions that helps increase credit scores. We assist by disputing items on your credit reports that are hurting you , we send letters in efforts to increase & enhance your bad credit report to the 3 credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

History has shown that we have had success in getting  rid of collection accounts, late payments, charge offs, personal bankruptcies, , foreclosures, judgments, medical expenses, charge card financial obligations, queries, trainee loans and tax liens for Tallahassee customers. In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, three credit bureaus are not allowed to report unverifiable or incorrect details on your credit report.

By letting us get in touch with the credit bureaus to repair your bad credit report and prevent typical errors that can harm your credit file may be a wise decision.We can possibly increase your  credit scores and help you get into a position where you can get approved for low rates of interest on charge cards, home loans and vehicle loans in your Florida location.

So why not give us a chance? Our experts aim to enhance your ratings with our elite services , guidance and suggestions . If you’re credit score is less than 730 we can help be sure to check out our reviews below.

For more information fill out the contact form below or call: 407-545-8656

LTJ Credit Boost, LLC –Tallahassee Credit Repair Company