Credit Repair Outsourcing is when you trust a partner with handling the credit repair dispute process for your company. LTJ Credit Boost is among the leaders in creating and delivering custom dispute letters on your behalf. Our teams combined years of experience has earned us the place of the go-to resource for hundreds of credit repair companies across the nation.Our dispute processing will free up your time so you can focus on growing your company. Whether you are getting started or need an option for overflow, we can help. The LTJ Team has operated dispute outsourcing centers for years. We strive for consistent results based on our year.There is no minimum or max amount of clients required for these prices.

Here at LTJ Boost LLC, we take high-quality pleasure in supporting the ordinary credit score restore industrial agency proprietor. studies have tested that by the use of outsourcing, groups lessen overhead with the aid of 75% with our $25 per customer fee. Our experience and superior disputing techniques set us other than a whole lot of the opportunity outsourcing businesses.

With thorough education from a number of the pinnacle experts inside the enterprise, we attention on getting higher deletion probabilities on faulty, unverifiable, or previous debts. we are prepared to manner for hundreds of clients with our state of the art processing middle.Permit’s say you have 4 hundred lively clients at the same time as charging 99 monthly. Your revenue might be $39,600 month-to-month. Our aim is to help you keep as a lot of that as viable.

Pricing & Details of our services

Each client will be serviced once every 30 days, a maximum of 7 items will be disputed every 30 days

Per 30-day Dispute Outsourcing for Businesses only $25 Per Client (First-Class Mailing/Fax)

Per 30-day Dispute Outsourcing for Businesses only $36 Per Client (Certified Mailing)

Questions? We can be contacted via email : Ltjcreditboost@mycreditjump.com or by Phone : 407-853-4988