Credit Repair Outsourcing

credit repair outsourcing

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Credit Repair Outsourcing

Credit repair outsourcing should be easy and fast, a great outsourcing company should be with you every step of the way.Their main goal should be to help credit repair companies start/continue to grow their businesses successfully. 

  1. Are you tired of not being able to spend time with friends and family? 
  2. Do you want to add more clients and increase your revenue? 
  3. Do you want your business to reach its full potential?
  4. Are you tired of sitting up all night at the computer doing credit repair letters all by yourself? 

    If you answered yes to any of these questions you may need to reach out to an outsourcing company.Top credit repair outsourcing companies, never contact your clients, they should never know you are working with a third -party, you’re suppose to take all of the credit!

Most companies service your clients this way:

  • Each enrolled client typically serviced once every 30 days, all items in question will be disputed at once. Services should have no limit on the amount of items being disputed. The company should want to get the client cleaned up as quick as possible, the service should also cover all three credit bureaus ( Transunion, Equifax and Experian).
  • The company should prepare and ship the letters themselves, you should not have too worry about dispute letter creation or delivery. Usually there is no minimum amount of clients that you have to send to start services.

Most cheap credit repair outsourcing services include:

  • Low Fee to Get Started
  • 24/7 Free Portal Access to view the status of your clients
  • Confidentiality: your clients never know you’re working with us and we never contact them
  • 3 Credit Bureaus Investigations
  • Request Verification
  • Classic Method of Verification
  • Permissible Purpose Verification
  • Personal Info Challenges and Updates
  • Goodwill Removal Request
  • Rapid info Requests
  • Debt Validations
  • Cease and Desist Request
  • Connection to mortgage lenders so you can refer your clients
  • Connection to auto dealers so you can refer your clients
  • Connection to insurance agents so you can refer your clients
  • And much more…..
We recommend Credit Smart LLC, they can be reached at : 602-777-2899



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