LTJ Credit Repair Orlando (small fee every month ) Cancel Anytime

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Details of our credit repair in Orlando services monthly program:

  • A one-time First Work Fee of $159.99 that will be charged 30 min to 15 days after signing up for our service for work initially completed. The monthly fee of $69 begins 30 days after the First Work Fee is paid (Each round is about 30 -45 days).
  • We Prepare your monthly dispute rounds for the credit bureaus.
  • We Prepare your monthly dispute rounds for the creditors, if needed.
  • We Prepare your monthly dispute rounds for the collectors, if needed.
  • We Review your updated credit reports through a credit monitoring account.
  • We Review all updated documents sent to our credit repair Orlando Florida company on your behalf.
  • We File complaints on your behalf to regulatory agencies if needed.
  • We Educate you on the credit score improvement process by email.
  • We Educate you on the credit restoration process by email.
  • We Educate you on the credit restoration process by email.
  • We Keep your client tracking portal updated with your credit improvement process.
  • We Keep you updated by phone, if need be, regarding your progress. “Results within 45 days or less”
  • Bring your own Credit Monitoring (Credit Karma not accepted must be Identity IQ , Smart Credit , Myfreescorenow)
  • No Credit Monitoring? that’s okay we have three options available for purchase
  • Our credit repair in Orlando FL company disputes all three Credit Bureaus
  • If you would like to speak more about this credit repair Orlando FL service call407-545-8656. “We strive to bring you the best credit repair in Orlando FL.”



$59.99 Credit Anaylsis (one-time fee)

This credit analysis report provides an overview of your credit as potential lenders see it today. It lists the items that are negatively affecting your credit scores and explains their impact on your credit file. It also includes a simple step-by-step plan for you to speed up the process.

This credit analysis report is broken down into sections:

  1. Credit Score Basics
  2. Your Credit Scores And Summary
  3. Analysis Of Your Accounts
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