A credit score below 690 is usually thought to be a “low ” rating. Negative items on your credit file are the main cause of “low ” credit ratings. Getting rid of these items can enhance your credit rating saving you thousands in  interest payments.Our credit repair Miami FL company can help you get back on track financially at a low cost.

You will have assigned to a staff member that will guide you throughout the entire process , you two will be a team.LTJ a credit repair Miami company – We sends letters to the credit bureaus on your behalf to fight off negative items that are effecting your credit.We will contact your lending institutions, banks and debt collector  in attempt to get rid of hurtful information on your reports. We send out disputes every month on your behalf we will continue to fight for you.Our cheapest Miami credit repair service is only $55 monthly.

At LTJ we live to help consumers remove errors on their credit reports, fix credit Miami style. If the information on your credit report is not 100% correct and proven to be yours we work to get it erased. We use several laws to back our clients.Debt collection agency, financial obligation purchasers, and collection law practices invest a  great deal of money and time into workshops to  prevent suits fighting them on your own could be a hassle.

After we contest the items on your credit report the Credit Reporting Agencies (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) have 30 days to inform you of the status of your disputes  and up to 45 days to finish their examination. The CRA’s (credit reporting firms) just have 3 choices when reacting; they can erase, upgrade the info or confirm. We strive to provide the most efficient credit repair in Miami FL.

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