LTJ a credit repair Ft Lauderdale Company
– LTJ assist consumes with restoring their credit reports and ratings rapidly, successfully, and without all the headaches!We offer a  totally free credit assessment this helps you better understand what LTJ can do for you and what exactly needs to be done in regards to your fixing your credit. Based upon our evaluation we will designate your case to an professional here at LTJ who will work with you side by side throughout the credit repair process. You will not need to talk with multiple staff members just one member.

How we fix your credit problems
Utilizing your customer rights under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). We pull 3 different credit reports from the 3 credit reporting companies, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax.
Based upon the information on your individual credit report and through our complimentary assessment, we will establish a multi phase tactical credit repair remediation strategy to resolve the root of your credit issues and re-establish your credit. So why not attempt to restore your credit score with our credit repair Ft Lauderdale FL company? Apply today for a totally free credit consultation.

The outcomes of our credit repair procedure
Our credit repair Fort Lauderdale company is different than most credit repair companies, we work within stages and we don’t just rush and send out bogus dispute letters. We actually take our time to see what best fits our clients and their needs.We provide our clients with a detailed audit which gives them a break down of their credit and what is effecting it.Be sure to check out our reviews at the bottom of the page.

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