credit repair florida

credit repair florida

Credit Repair Florida-Credit repair over the years have become much harder due to new laws, lenders have also actually been working to make it much harder for consumers to remove negative information from their credit reports. Our firms experience in the credit industry is superb, we have a team of professionals who sleep,eat and breathe credit.

When you  sign up with our company we view your credit reports from the three credit bureaus and build an analysis for you. The analysis helps you to better understand your credit situation and the action that needs to be taken to improve it.Your case is assigned to one of our team members who will guide you throughout the process from the beginning to the end.

Whether it’s a home loan, a car loan, or a credit card, great credit develops is what is needed to obtain these items.For those with bad credit, increased rates of interest might even inflate their expense of living, making little purchases appear hard. A bad credit report can cost you countless dollars a year by paying too much interest.

Looking for credit repair in Florida ?LTJ takes troublesome credit reports seriously we assist our customers when it comes to removing inaccurate, unverifiable information from their credit reports.We challenge all types of accounts including, charge offs, inquires,public records , collections and more.

Wish to begin? LTJ provides a complimentary credit repair assessment, that includes a total evaluation of your credit report summary and rating. We Serve the entire state of Florida.Be sure to check out our Credit Repair Florida reviews at the bottom of the page.

Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair Services

This is an overview of our Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair services, our no upfront fee credit repair method is one of the best around. Many clients are more comfortable with paying someone after the work is done and results are accomplished. At LTJ Credit Boost we offer clients to do just that we do all of the credit disputing efforts then charges the client fees. We are one of the best credit repair companies known check us out on Google and Facebook.

A one-time audit/initial review fee of $299.00 will be charged 1 to 15 days (varies by state) after signing up for our service for work initially completed. The deletion fees begin 30 days after the audit/initial review fee is paid (only if deletions occur -no deletions no charge). Another round will be sent for free if no deletions occur .If deletions occur the client must pay their invoice in full for another round of credit disputes to begin. (Each round is about 30 -45 days).

Only (1) product required with our service : (3) Credit Bureau monitoring (Tracks your credit repair results) acceptable programs : Privacy Guard, Credit Check Total and Identity IQ ( available for purchase during enrollment if not already purchased)

Product averages 40+ points within the first 45 days

$5.00 Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair Fees

1. Personal Information – Free

We want to make sure that the credit bureaus are reporting 100% accurate information. You don’t have to have someone else’s name or address on your credit report. This can cause a credit merge and a possibility of their items jumping onto your credit report. Here at LTJ Credit Boost we want to give you the opportunity to relax also gain your trust back for the credit repair company industry.Personal info deletions are free of charge with our credit repair service.

2. Late Payments – Free

We realize that you might have late payments on your credit report. We contact the credit bureaus and creditors to demand they are reporting 100% accurate information pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA). Our company is known for our cheap and effective paid for deletion services.Pay for removal credit repair is the preferred model today since there are some many scams going on in the credit repair industry, many people have encountered broken promises form prior credit repair companies and are just totally brunt out.

3. Collection Accounts – $5 per credit bureau

Collection accounts can seem to be very burdensome and you may not know exactly what rights you have. We will never suggest for you to not pay a collection agency, but before you do, ensure that they provide proper validation and are able to prove the account is actually yours. There are times where collection agencies report inaccurate information on your credit report so it is their responsibility to provide verification that the accounts are reporting accurate.

4. Charge-Offs – $5 per credit bureau

A charge-off occurs when your account typically goes over 180 days past due and the creditor has closed your account. They will do either two things, hire a collection agency to collect the debt or file a judgment against you. Just like with any other account, the account must be listed 100% accurate on your credit report and we make sure it is !

5. Repossessions – $5 per credit bureau

No one likes it when their car is repossessed. We don’t want you to feel that you will never be able to recover. Creditors and credit bureaus must report accurate information on your credit report. As well as provide documentation that supports any information being reported.You can scroll down the the page to signm-up for a free consultation if you wish, you can also check out our great testimonial video on :

6. Foreclosures – $5 per credit bureau

A foreclosure can prevent you from being approved for credit again. But knowing how to request validation or verification can be the key to proper removal.

7. Public Records, Tax Liens,Judgements,Bankruptcies, Short Sales –$5 per credit bureau

Public records can cause your credit score to drop significantly. Court houses do not report to the credit bureaus either so ensuring that you get the proper documentation to remove these accounts are important.

8. Inquiries-$5 per credit bureau

What is a credit inquiry?

An inquiry is a notation on your credit report that someone has requested your credit file. Two types of inquiries may appear on a credit report — “hard” inquiries that can impact your credit score and “soft” inquiries that don’t.When you pull your credit report, you can see both hard and soft pulls. Creditors can only view hard inquiries.

Note:One special thing to keep in mind with our Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair plan is that you’re never charged a monthly fee you pay only pay per deletions that may occur.

pay per deletion credit repair estimate sample

pay per deletion credit repair estimate sample

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