Credit Repair Attorney

Credit Repair Attorney

Do You Need An Attorney For Credit Repair?

Some people think they do not need hire a credit repair attorney to fix their credit scores, they believe they can handle it on their own, which is true. In America, lawyers are usually seen as either a hero or manipulative enemies. But the truth remains that whether you love or hate them, attorneys are a major and necessary factor in the legal world. Although, this does not imply that they are necessary in every area, even in the finance world. So, the question is, how can you tell if you need an attorney for your credit repairs and financial problems? The simple response is, it is dependent on the issues at hand. The extent of your problems will determine if you need to choose to use a non-attorney firm like My Credit Jump or a credit repair law company. It also depends on whether you need any legal assistance that may involve filing for bankruptcy. Without wasting much time, let’s dive in and explore why you may or may not need a credit repair attorney.

Reasons To Hire A Credit Repair Lawyer

#1. Credit Report Mistakes – A major popular issue that has been long discussed on credit repair attorneys’ websites, is the matter of credit report mistakes. Time and time again, this issue keeps repeating itself. According to a study from the Federal Trade Commission, it showed that more than 50% of clients meet mistakes that affect their credit scores in their documents. Many clients complain due to the lack of accurate information on the credit reports. Mistakes are a major problem that may occur as a result of many reasons. Another person’s details could be inputted and recorded as yours, or the movable part of your credit file may have caused other mistakes. A credit repair attorney will always try to persuade you to hire them to fix these errors. On other occasions, all it may take is the right documentation, filing, and follow-up.

#2. Credit Bankruptcy

Any credit repair attorney will tell you that they can fully and quickly remove a bankruptcy from your credit report. Well, this claim is entirely not true.  Some forms use illegal methods like giving you another person’s Social Security number to make transactions. The truth is that there is nothing anyone can do to get rid of a bankruptcy filing. You may choose to pay an attorney a lot of money now, but that will not right the bankruptcy filing immediately. With time, all bad records will drop off your credit report. You can also improve your credit score by growing some good habits.

#3. Bad Decisions Troubling You

If you’re always paying for stuff that is just some days late or using up your credit card funds and balances, it’ll eventually meet you unexpectedly. A dangerous financial behavior may give you a low credit score which makes it a bit difficult to get a good interest percent on requested loans.A credit repair attorney will not be able to do much on this matter. Any bad choice that is continuously practiced will reduce your credit score. 


You can always do your credit repair on your own, that’s if you want to. It’s never a bad idea to want to try It for the first time. But, a good credit repair company such as My Credit Jump can help you repair your credit score faster if you encounter identity theft, difficult situations, or stubborn creditors.


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