CPN Numbers For Sale

CPN Numbers For Sale

CPN Numbers For Sale is Illegal

You may be having difficulty in rebuilding your credit or you have been struggling with a terrible credit score for a long time so you look for cpn numbers for sale. This is a challenging situation as it is capable of canceling your credit card loans or hindering you from getting a house. Several agencies and websites out there are advertising and claiming to give you a new credit record by selling a Credit Privacy Number (CPN). It may be the right time to run because they are not the solution to your dilemma.

A CPN, also known as a credit protection number, is a nine-digit number that looks just like a Social Security Number (SSN). Some agencies sell these numbers to consumers, promoting them as a brilliant method of hiding away from bankruptcy. These CPNs are SSNs stolen from people, including prison inmates, children, and the departed. So, it is not legal to purchase one. Let’s find out the truth about CPNs.

What Are CPN Numbers For Sale ?

Also known as Credit Private Numbers, are used to obtain credit. Some companies use them in place of a social security number in various circumstances. This is legally wrong. The CPN is majorly used to protect private information for persons, which is why government officials, celebrities, and highly esteemed individuals subscribe to its use. One person can get one CPN and will be able to use it for an entire lifetime. The issuance process involved should only be controlled with the help of legal experts. It may be able to create a profile with claims to adjust and improve your credit, but it may never be able to clear your past credit records. You are still accountable for all that you owe.

How Are CPNs Different From SSNs and Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs)?

Just like SSNs and ITINs, CPNs are also nine-digit numbers, so what differentiates each of them from the other? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) functions by using taxpayer-identification numbers to administer tax laws. SSNs and ITINs are a major part of taxpayer ID numbers. SSNs and ITINs are issued by the Social Security Administration and IRS respectively, but ITINs are issued specially for non-residents, partners, and supporters without SSNs. An ITIN resembles an SSN with nine digits and dashes. The difference is in the fact that ITINs begins only with the number nine.

How to Legally Rebuild Your Credit

CPN cannot wipe away your poor credit records, you can always use the money spent to rebuild. 

  • Learn to pay your bills on time. If you need to set a reminder to avoid missing due dates, do just that. 
  • Keep your old credit accounts open. This is proof of long-term credit which may help improve your credit score. 
  • Do not use more than 30% of your credit to keep your credit scores in a good condition.
  • When you are applying for several credit cards or loans, try to delay a bit. This will prevent you from getting into any financial trouble. 
  • Hire a credit repair company like MY Credit Jump


Under no circumstance should you try to buy a CPN. This practice is illegal and you may be charged and arrested for fraud. Buying one does not give any form of credit relief. You may just end up wasting your money instead of using it to clear your loan debts. There are better and safer ways to rebuild and start up a new credit history. Whenever you come across a situation that requires a CPN, you should contact a lawyer for help. Credit Repair is a great option if you have credit issues, contact My Credit Jump for help today.

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