Cheap Credit Repair

Cheap Credit Repair

Cheap Credit Repair

Cheap Credit Repair is the buzzword in the United States today. A cheap credit repair company has become a very attractive option for many consumers who are concerned about their scores. It is no surprise that many consumers are seeking out cheap credit repair companies when trying to improve upon their credit scores. The economy today is forcing many people to tighten their belts financially. However, a good credit score can give you many benefits such as low interest rates, larger investments, better employment prospects, and many more.

Many consumers are confused about what they should do to improve their scores. What is necessary is for a consumer to find a way to challenge inaccurate information on their credit report that has been reported improperly. An incorrect item can have an enormous effect on your overall credit score. A low-cost credit repair company can help you remove the incorrect item and have it corrected so that your credit profile matches your records correctly. In order to dispute an inaccurate item on your credit report, you will need to write a letter to each one individually. This could take you weeks or even months to accomplish depending on how much information you have to work with. You should know that it is not unusual for a dispute to be rejected by the credit bureau and you may even receive a request for more information to verify your claim. This usually prompts you to contact another agency in hopes of receiving clarification on the rejection.

Some people are confused about how they go about repairing their credit reports. There are actually three different methods that you can use to begin the process of revising your credit report. The first is the “pay for delete” method where you attempt to negotiate with the credit reporting bureau to remove the inaccurate item from your file. The second method is to try and resolve the situation informally. This means you simply advise the reporting agency of the errors in question that you discover on your credit report. The third method involves going in person to the credit reporting bureau and challenging the item with the help of a licensed credit expert.

Ways Of Doing Credit Repair Cheap

In most cases, you will find it easier to revise your credit report if you attempt to do it yourself rather than going in person to do so. This is because it is not uncommon for people to make the same mistakes repeatedly when it comes to reporting inaccurate information. The good thing about taking it on yourself to challenge your negative items on your credit report is that the process is very easy and inexpensive. You could save yourself the cost of hiring a professional by researching the Internet for a few simple guidelines. Once you know the basics, you can begin making the disputes that are necessary to have the problem fixed.

One of the first steps to revising your credit report is to write a brief statement outlining the problem with the negative items. You should explain why this information is incorrect and how it affects your credit score. You should provide documentation to support your claim such as pay stubs, cancelled checks, statements, etc. Once you have gathered enough supporting documents to convince the credit bureaus of your credibility, you are ready to file a credit dispute. You will need to send the collection account to the appropriate agency in writing mentioning the collections account number, the contact information, and the reason why you believe the information is wrong

Cheap Credit Repair Pricing Chart

Public Records

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We charge per deletion per credit bureau, for each public record we get removed. This includes: Tax Liens, Judgments and Child Support.

Personal Information

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We dispute your personal information. This includes: incorrect addresses, names, employers etc.

Late Payments

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Our company deletes late payments at no charge.


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Our company charges you for each inquiry that we get removed .


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Our company charges you for each collection that we get removed .

Charge Offs

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Our company charges you for each charge off that we get removed .


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Our company charges you for each repossessed vehicle that we get removed .


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Our company charges you for each BK that we get removed .

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