Bank Of America Collections

Bank Of America Collections

Bank Of America Collections


If Bank Of America Collections appears upon your credit report, you most likely have an old debt. You probably owed it to the original creditor, and it was probably bought by Bank Of America Collections. Now Bank Of America Collections, wants you to pay it back, and it’s causing you a lot of trouble. Do you want Bank Of America Collections removed from your credit? Consider pay per deletion credit repair!

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Bank Of America Collections Practices

I am here to tell you that there is no way to pay your credit card debt to Bank of America. Apparently, they are selling debt collectors the right to sue consumers because debts they have confirmed internally that are unpaid. The lawsuit states: ‘Bank of America, like other credit card issuers, has an additional automatic payment option called “Amount Due.” The lawsuit seeks to represent all individuals who have Bank of America credit cards and have activated automatic payments or chosen the “amount due” payment option within the applicable statute of limitations. 

BOA also uses Early Warning Services (EWS) to verify a new account , however this does not mean that you will be automatically denied a new account. Consumers who have been reported to Early Warning Services by Bank of America for account abuse  should consider using the dispute process to remove the negative reporting. They use it for when someone applies for a bank account to minimize risk? Yes, they use checkpoints to check new accounts, but they do not use them for all accounts or bank accounts. If you need to confront Bank of America or another debt collection agency, you should work with a credit repair company like My Credit Jump. BOA and its debt collection agencies may not have the documentation necessary to confirm your debts. 

If you are in a legitimate financial distress and cannot make payments on your credit card debt (e.g., bank balances, credit cards, or mortgage debt), one possible solution is to negotiate a settlement with Bank of America’s debt collection division. In these situations, it is usually possible to negotiate directly with them and negotiate the settlement. If you prefer to negotiate to pay off credit card debt, you may have to file for bankruptcy and receive nothing. However, if you owe less than half of the balance, you can most likely negotiate a flexible payment.

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