855-885-5834 May Be A Debt Collector

If 855-885-5834 is calling you claiming that they have placed a debt on your credit report and requesting a form of payment, you most likely have an old debt. You probably owed it to the original creditor, and it was probably bought by the company that’s calling. Do you want the debt collection calls to stop?

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We’ve helped many of customers across the country remove the breach from their credit reports. They are likely to be listed as a collection account on your credit report, and this usually happens if you forget to pay a bill. If you have an collection and remove it, it will only improve your credit history and score, putting you back on track for positive credit worthiness. 

Is 855-885-5834 Really A Company ?

Is 855-885-5834 a real company or a scam or is it just a fake phone number and/or fake company? It could be a real company that puts in efforts to recover past-due debts from original creditors.

Should you be worried about being sued by 855-885-5834, or are you confident that you have no outstanding debt? Whatever the case is you should make it a priority to get a second opinion on this situation. Contact us today!  Work with credit experts from My Credit Jump to challenge their debts and potentially get your collections accounts removed. It is a no brainer to work with us because we have a pay per deletion credit repair model! You only pay if we get items deleted , this is a no-risk option!

Recommendations To Deal With These Calls

We recommend that you speak to a professional to analyze your credit. Find out if you how you can combat 855-885-5834 collections on your credit reports. They have incredible customer service and their main goal is to give consumers the best possible chance to be debt free. Call them at 855-799-2326.

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