We aim to remove adverse credit items

By removing negative items from your credit report you could see large increases in your scores

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Repubtable Credit Repair Company

We strive to bring you the most efficient credit repair services

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We offer credit repair tips to help you improve your score quickly

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-Disputes the recommended amount of negative accounts in question per month -Disputes only 3 negative accounts per month -Limited amount of disputes per month -Unknown amount of disputes per month -Limited to 15 accounts disputed per month
-$55 Initial Review Fee and a low monthly fee of only $55. -$100 set up fee and $119 a month until all negative accounts are removed $99 per month until your report is clean -$59/month until report is cleaned or $299 a month for 6 months -$59/month to until negative accounts are removed
-Average of 70% Completion within first 45 days -Average of 22% removal within the first 6 months -7% removal per month -Unknown average of negative accounts removed -Unknown average of negative accounts removed
-Free unlimited 30 day credit reports -No free unlimited credit report -No free unlimited credit report -No free unlimited credit report -No free unlimited credit report
-Dedicated account manager -No dedicated account manager with access by phone or email -No dedicated account manager with access by phone or email -No dedicated account manager with access by phone or email -No dedicated account manager with access by phone or email
-Uses traditional challenges with letters & electronic challenges -Uses traditional disputes with letters -Uses traditional disputes with letters -Uses traditional disputes with letters -Uses traditional disputes with letters

SERVICES $55-$99


Check out this great review of our affordable credit repair company- We strive to bring you cheap credit repair services and better credit solutions.


$75.00 Pay After Deletion Program (Pay only if we get items deleted) Pay for Delete Credit Repair

We are known for the fastest pay after deletion program and credit repair solutions in the entire world you pay after we get results.

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$55.00-$99.00 Monthly Credit Repair Plans

Credit Repair Services for only $55.00-$99.00 per month (Lowest Prices in the United States)

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Looking for cheap credit repair companies? LTJ Credit Boost is the answer!

”Doesn’t matter where you live we can and will serve you

From bankruptcies,collections, charge-offs, to tax liens, we have challenged virtually every credit problem, doing work for our clients that resulted in tons of items removed from their credit reports. Our years of experience in the credit repair field have helped many clients to turn their lives around.  Once you engage our company, we obtain your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. Since each client’s case is unique, we will collect specific information regarding your particular circumstances for each item in question. We work with the credit bureaus and your creditors to challenge the negative report items that affect your credit score. We’ll ensure your credit history is up-to-date, accurate, and reflects you honestly. Shortly after purchasing our service you will receive portal login information where you can track the progress of your credit restoration 24/7.Looking for a great credit repair company also reliable you’ve came to the right place.Our service is so affordable you mines well call it free credit repair we strive to deliver you the best service possible.Click Here to view our credit repair solutions. We are among the top credit repair companies.Not at all like other credit repair organizations, we practice exclusively in quick credit repair, rapidly evacuating negative things including accumulations, late installments, and open records from your credit report. We need to repair your credit speedily so you can get into that new auto or fit the bill for that home advance you were initially turned down for.

Repair your credit legally with our credit repair help

For several years, we have actually helped numerous customers to not just repair work or erase incorrect info from their credit reports, however likewise to reconstruct their credit, supplying legal options to increase their FICO ratings. Credit repair work is legal, it is the law!

Some our consumers have the ability to get bad credit home loans from with available rates of interest and versatile terms in an extremely brief duration enabling to pay for more comfy living conditions.

Our substantial experience in the credit repair work field enables us to regularly increase our understanding about quick credit repair work methods. We utilize this understanding to disagreement concerns on our Customers’ Credit Reports with a high level of success in the very first effort. Our credit repair work procedure consists of the generation of “distinct disagreement letters”, modified separately, which equates into much better arise from the preliminary of disagreements.

Our greatest level of credit repair work service consists of:

  • Guaranteeing that info in their credit reports is precise.
  • Contesting incorrect products with the credit reporting companies.
  • Establishing a budget to lower financial obligation and raise credit rating.
  • Offering academic product that teaches you ways to preserve a much healthier credit report.
  • Looking for brand-new trade lines to increase your credit rating (not consisted of in the standard credit repair work plan)if needed.
  • Demand a quick re-scoring of your FICO rating if essential.

Benefits with our Programs

  • All Three Credit Bureau Reports !
  • Track Your Credit Repair Progress 24/7
  • Results Typically in 45 days or less
  • Refer Friends & Family(Receive $5 per person in billing credit )
  • Disputes all of your Negative Accounts
  • Friendly Service
  • 24/7 Customer Support Texting

We offer Paid for Deletion  Payment Plans

We even offer payment plans for our Pay after Deletion Program your bill will never be over $50 a month unless you prefer higher.($50 min required monthly )

What is Pay for Removal Credit Repair?

Pay for Removal Credit Repair is exactly how it sounds: you pay for results. If you don’t see any removals from your credit reports, you don’t pay. This new pricing model can be a bit intimidating for those in the Credit Repair industry, particularly companies that do not have the capability to scale. The value proposition for consumers is huge, but many will be quick to tell you:

· Credit Repair is a scam

· Credit Repair is too good to be true

· Credit Repair is illegal.

You get the point most of the people yelling these battle cries (not surprisingly) offer Credit Repair Services that are in direct competition to the model they are speaking out against. Is that to say that one beats out the other? Not entirely.

So is Pay For Removal Credit Repair Better?

It depends. For most people who are on a budget, performance-based Credit Repair can make a lot of sense. Even more so if you are on a shoestring budget. On the same token, the scope of work performed under pay for performance Credit Repair is very controlled for obvious reasons — we have to balance getting results for the client. Essentially, the “business risk” is transferred from you (as a customer) to us (as your Credit Repair Company). Now if you can afford to invest into Credit Repair per month, its just another option. When you pay your initial/review fee and sign a contract this allows the agency you choose to allocate time and resources to give your credit repair journey success. More times than not you’ll also get help with picking credit cards and other credit building products. That being said, if you an are average living citizen on a shoestring budget, a reputable pay for performance Credit Repair company can help you see ROI without you having to pay upfront.

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 LTJ Credit Boost, I am now sitting in my beautiful new home and can see my child playing in the yard which was very important to me , for safety reasons. I have to thank the LTJ team for it. Again, thank you all for your hard work. Have truly made my dreams come true.” Michelle Turner, Miami FL

“The staff at LTJ Credit Boost are truly exceptional. They legitimately care about their client’s well being and it shows, I purchased online didn’t even have to travel to the location .”Brenda Brown, West Palm FL

“Lowell, I cannot say enough about the type of person you are and your dedication to your clients,you improved my credit score tremendously i was able to go on vacation with my new credit card.”Joe Mansour, Orlando FL