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$5.00 Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair

When you’re under water and your FICO score has wound up in a real predicament, cheap credit repair sounds like a blessing from heaven. Before you pick any expensive or cheap credit repair companies / organizations to help repair the issues on your credit report, check the credit repair organization out to ensure they’re genuine. The web is an incredible method to do this, however you’ll likewise need to make an inquiry or two. Get suggestions from individuals that have experienced similar issues that you have and discover who they used to help repair their credit.We have a huge amount of reviews and certifications to fulfill you.

When and if you join our modest affordable credit repair organization, you will be doled out to a credit repair consultant. Your credit rep will run over the procedure with you and what their plans are to helping enhance your credit record as a consumer and your score.

Next, your credit rep will start taking a look at your case to make sense of exactly what they have to do to increase the chances of raising your scores. Remember that a few cases are more extreme than others and will take additional time and cash. Sadly, being somewhere down owing debtors and having a low FICO rating can imply that you require fast credit repair however it might be an extend to bear the cost of it that is the reason we offer such low cost credit repair.

Your  rep will contact the credit agencies on the off chance that he or she finds any inconsistencies on your credit reports. They will work with your banks/creditors in attempt get your  financial obligation decreased. It may require some investment, yet once your credit has been repaired, you may think that its substantially simpler to lease an apartment, get an advance, insurance protection and employment. Although we are located in Orlando Florida we service all of Florida and the entire United States except for the state of Georgia.

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Details of our service: Credit Restoration Pay Per Deletion Program

    • A one-time Credit Analysis Fee of $299.00 will be charged 5 to 15 days (varies by state) after signing up for our service for work initially completed. The deletion fees begin 30 days after the Credit Analysis Fee is paid (only if deletions occur -no deletions no charge). Another round will be sent for free if no deletions occur. If deletions occur the client must pay their invoice in full for another round of credit disputes to begin. (Each round is about 30 -45 days).
    • Prepare your monthly dispute rounds for the credit bureaus.
    • Prepare your monthly dispute rounds for the creditors, if needed.
    • Prepare your monthly dispute rounds for the collectors, if needed.
    • Review updated credit reports through your credit monitoring account.
    • Review all updated documents sent to our company.
    • File complaints on your behalf to regulatory agencies if needed.
    • Educate you on the credit score improvement process by email.
    • Educate you on the credit restoration process by email.
    • Keep your client tracking portal updated with your credit improvement process.
    • Keep you updated by phone, if need be, regarding your progress.
    • Results within 45 days or less
    • Only (1) product required with this service (3) Credit Bureau monitoring (available for purchase during enrollment if not already purchased $21.99 monthly)
    • Disputes all three Credit Bureaus
    • No monthly recurring billing
    • You pay by invoice we don’t take it from your account
    • If you would like to speak more about this service call: 407-545-8656 also more information on this service can be found on our website:
    • $5 Per Collection
    • $5 Per Public Record
    • $5 Per Charge off
    • Late Payments and Personal Information Removal are Free
    • $5 Per Repossession
    • $5 Per Inquiry
    • $5 Per Foreclosure

Here is a list of negative items that we have successfully removed from our clients files!


•    Judgments
•    Tax Liens
•    Bankruptcies
•    Foreclosures
•    Write-offs
•    Charge-offs
•    Settlements
•    Collections
•    Inquiries
•    Late Payments
•    Defaulted Student Loans 



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